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Hi, I'm Melanie. I am a Story Grid Certified Editor.

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I am a story consultant and a Story Grid certified editor. I help comic book writers create strong and meaningful stories in every kind of setting. No matter if you want to tell your story in a graphic novel or divided over multiple comic books.

Do you know what makes a good story?

Is it the art of putting words and images together? To apply sound, visual perspectives and to know how images and panels work on a page, how action flows or how to build a believable world for your characters? Or do we read a story because we want to know what happens next? Are we so captivated by the unexpected events and challenges that we don't care that much about color, the lines or the quality of the drawings as long as we experience how a character fights, matures, gains meaning or saves somebody. We want to be right in the moment with them and experience their troubles, and learn something for our own lives.

We want to show who a character is by giving them a best bad choice or an option between two irreconcilable goods. A character's personality is always defined by their action and a great way to build empathy for them. And comic book stories are not just action. They can dive deep into a character's mind even though we are not writing an 80.000 words novel. 


Does a story have a structure?

Editing Comics - Story Consultant Story Grid Certified EditorIn other words, is there a way to break down the infinity of creative possibilities so that the dream of one's own comic book series or graphic novel can be mastered? Achieved so well that the readers will be moved by the story?

Creating stories has nothing to do with talent.

If you have a story within you that you want to tell, you can write it.

Stories have structure. If you agree with me that a story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, we take the first step into accepting that the craft of storytelling can be learned.

Of course, you want to create awesome artwork, find the best colors for your theme and discover the best images and panels that will all show the great artwork that went into your comic book. But first and foremost, before you draw or hire an artist, the story has to work.

The story must meet the expectations of the reader. Know your genre. And know how each scene can be done to propel the plot forward. And make sure how the global arch of the story is drawn from the beginning to an inevitable but surprising end.


I look forward to helping you create an authentic story, with strong, empathetic characters in every kind of setting.

As we say in our Story Grid Universe: Don’t waste your words (or panels). Write a book that works.

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Every writer struggles at one point. It's good to have a community like in the Story Grid Universe that supports and helps each other out.

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